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Machining of Graphite Parts Machine

Graphite parts machining means, such as sawing, car, milling, planing, boring, drilling, grinding and so on, as long as the gold processing technology slightly modified can be used for graphite processing, in order to adapt to the characteristics of graphite products, also use some special machine tool equipment.
The cutting speed of graphite materials is the same as that of hardwood, the cutting speed can be slightly higher (300~500m/min) and 0.2 ~ 0.3mm/r, in the same lathe on the precision machining, cutting speed is the 300m/min> minimum feed 0. lmm /r, cutting depth is less than 10mm»
Graphite material dipped into the resin, its hardness increased, tool wear is very large, quenching tool steel can only be used to process several workpieces, larger parts need high-speed steel and tungsten carbide tools. The Chee and back corners of the cutters are designed to be the same as woodworking cutters.
Parts of the graphite equipment surface processing, mostly by turning and milling, machining methods and metal processing methods. Unlike metal processing, the equipment for processing graphite must have: ① appropriate dust collection devices to improve labor protection conditions for workers; ② hood and protective measures to prevent dust from flying into the rail gear box and into the screw, etc., to avoid dust caused by wear, affecting the accuracy of equipment; ③ graphite dust is conductive material, therefore, All electrical equipment shall be hermetically sealed to prevent short circuit accidents caused by electrical wiring.
Most of the graphite equipment parts need drilling, especially the block-hole heat exchanger, media holes and holes are drilled in the graphite block, in order to achieve a good heat transfer effect, reduce the volume of equipment, improve the volume utilization of graphite materials, often the aperture and adjacent to the distance between the two holes set very small, so that the mechanical processing has brought difficulties.
In the past, common twist drills are used to drill drill pipe to drill holes in general drilling, drilling ^18mm The following hole, the efficiency is very low, very difficult to ensure quality, especially when the wall thickness between the heterogeneous hole is small, the adjacent two holes are easy to drill through. Drilling depth within 200mm, but also three times to return crumbs, two face dozen, increased labor intensity, quality is very difficult to guarantee.
In order to improve the drilling quality, some improvements have been made in drilling equipment and cutting tools in recent years. Many manufacturers have designed and manufactured a number of high degree of automation, high precision processing, easy to operate horizontal deep hole drilling machine, can drill depth of about 450mm of the whole hole, automatic feed, retract, automatic positioning, small deviation between holes, Processing quality greatly improved.
The improvement of machining tool is also an important guarantee to improve product quality and production efficiency.