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Graphite Rods/Graphite Sheets/Graphite Blocks What are the New Technologies for Graphitization

Graphitization itself temperature and resistance of the temperature difference also reduced, graphite rod/Graphite plate/graphite block in and out of the difference between the temperature also reduced, which makes it possible to use a faster rise in power without causing product cracks. This is more obvious for large-scale products, because in the use of resistors with large resistance conditions, in order to avoid the production of cracks can not be used to produce a higher starting power and rising power, so the power time is much longer than the small diameter graphite bar/Graphite plate/graphite block.
When using the resistive material of graphite metallurgical coke mainly (adding 20% ~ 40% of ordinary metallurgical coke grains), the starting power and the rising power of the large diameter graphite bar/Graphite plate/graphite block can be increased by 2 ~ 3 times times, which will shorten the power time of each furnace product by about 15%, that is to say, the output of each group of furnaces is increased by about 15%.
According to the long term production experience, it is suitable to use common metallurgical coke as resistance material for small and medium sized products with low temperature difference between graphite rod/Graphite plate/graphite block and internal and external cracks. Because small and medium-sized products with ordinary metallurgical coke as a resistor, can also use a higher starting power and rising power without adding cracks, product quality is still relatively good.
For large-scale products using graphite metallurgical coke (30% ~ 40% per time to supplement the General Metallurgical Coke) as a resistor, to improve the production and reduce the crack scrap is very advantageous, but graphite rod/Graphite plate/Graphite block Graphitization degree will be affected. This needs to improve the maximum power of the stove, improve the current and power factor, etc. to improve the degree of graphitization of large-scale products.
Large size graphite rod/Graphite sheet/Graphite block product The spacing between two rows of products is larger when the furnace is installed. The particle size of the resistor can be 25-40 mm in size; small size products because of each row between two products (or between each group of products) between the smaller spacing (such as 40 ~ 60 mm), the use of 25 ~ 40 mm of Coke easy to occur "Shed material" phenomenon, and cause local overheating, even produce crack scrap.
Therefore, it is suitable to use 10 ~ 25 mm of Coke. Sometimes for easy management, small size graphite rod/Graphite plate/Graphite block products also use 25 ~ mm of Coke, at this time must be installed the furnace product spacing slightly larger, and sprinkle on the coke with iron bar after a little bit to avoid the "material" phenomenon of coke particles.
The heat preservation material of graphitization furnace has a great influence on the temperature increase of graphitization furnace. At the end of the electric furnace temperature so very slow, and rise to a certain temperature does not continue to rise, one of the main reasons is that the graphite furnace to the periphery of the heat dissipation is very large, so that the heat generated by electricity and heat insulation material to the periphery of the loss caused by more and more close to the
Therefore, thermal conductivity and thermal capacity of heat preservation materials as small as possible. In addition, graphite furnace insulation is required to be able to withstand high temperatures, low prices and a large supply. At present, the mixture of metallurgical coke powder and quartz sand (or a few sawdust) is used as insulation material. Heat preservation materials as dry as possible, such as too much moisture, in the beginning of the power to use a certain amount of heat to dry water and waste electricity. When using the old insulation material, the graphite Coke should be screened out, because the graphite Giopage coefficient is big, the conductivity is good, but as the insulation material hope the thermal conductivity is small and the insulation property is high.
Small graphite furnace or the production of high-purity graphite furnace, sometimes using carbon black as insulation material. The thermal conductivity of carbon black is lower, and the insulation performance is much stronger than that of quartz sand and coke powder, so the thickness of insulating layer can be reduced. Carbon black in the neutral or reductive atmosphere in the graphitization of the high temperature almost no change, the insulation performance is very good. However, the cost of using carbon black as insulation material is much higher, and the furnace dust and working conditions are poor.