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New Technology of Graphite Rod

The concentration of PTFE aqueous dispersions was 60% and the viscosity was 0. $number ~. 008pa*s, particle size of 0.2~0.25Mnu Impregnation adopts vacuum pressure method. After the leaching of products in the 120^ drying, in the vacuum conditions, 375 ~ 3801 heat treatment.

Compared with graphite rods dipped before immersion, the friction coefficient is reduced from 0.2 ~ 0.3 to below 0.1, and runs stably, which can effectively prevent the beating. In the traction motor on the trial, the wear value of the million kilometers to 1.5mm or so, the commutation performance has a great degree of improvement. is a promising product.

Phosphate-impregnated graphite rods

In the carbon-graphite material industry, aluminum phosphate is usually used as an antioxidant coating. With brushing surface or impregnation method, the oxidation temperature of graphite is increased, and only 1/10 of ordinary graphite is burned at the same temperature.

Electric tool motor due to the small capacity, but the speed is very high, reversing very difficult, graphite rods under the direction of the big Spark, some form of "ring fire", brush wear quickly, when the graphite rods impregnated aluminum phosphate, found that the spark can be reduced to a level, the service life increased-times above. The use of good results, China has been mass production.

When phosphoric acid reacts with aluminum hydroxide, it can produce aluminum phosphate, aluminum dihydrogen phosphate and two hydrogen phosphate. In that phosphoric acid two hydrogen aluminum is dissolved in water, for this purpose it is used as a impregnating agent. When the aluminum phosphate two was heated, the chain-like and annular compounds were mainly formed, which were converted to poly-aluminum phosphate.

Impregnation using vacuum pressure method, such as product thickness is thin, can also use boiling method. After leaching to eliminate residual phosphate and phosphoric acid in the graphite rod, heat treatment should be added, the temperature is no less than 450T. If the treatment temperature is low, the partial phosphoric acid absorbs the moisture in the air and becomes phosphoric acid, which will corrode the graphite rods, causing the graphite rods to malfunction without free movement, and the attachment will be corroded.

The process of graphite rod leaching is very obvious to improve the performance. will also be more and more widely used in the future.