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Method of Gold Plating of Graphite Crucible?

The production method of the composite material is to mix the graphite crucible directly with the metal, then through the pressing molding, which is the composite material. There are two kinds of mixing methods, one is to directly add the metal powder to the graphite crucible, and the other is to use the hot metal vapor to coating the graphite crucible with metal film.
Direct mixing method and spraying method for metal powders
The direct mixing method is a dry mixing method. Directly add the metal powder in the graphite crucible, mechanically mix and mix, then suppress the molding. The molding method and the process process are all relatively simple. The material performance of the system is better, especially the mechanical strength, thermal shock resistance, anti-corrosion and other properties have been improved.
For example: with aluminum powder in the graphite crucible made of composite materials, product structure is compact, the remaining air is very small, to prevent the material surface stripping layer, its excellent heat resistance. Aluminum is the best metal compound. The amount of aluminum powder only accounted for 2 ~ 10% of the graphite powder (by weight), because the affinity between aluminum powder and graphite crucible was larger than that of aluminum powder particles, so the aluminum powder played a binder role in the material.
The spraying method is better than the direct mixing method. The graphite crucible, or the graphite crucible with inorganic binder, is blended with the ingredients, then sprayed with the metal dispersing liquid and then pressed into shape. This mixing method can make the metal powder and the graphite powder mix evenly, thus making the composite material performance better. Production process is also relatively simple.