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Some General Situation of Graphite Electrode/Graphite Rod Development Abroad

As the development of foreign steelmaking furnaces to large capacity, high power or ultra-high power, coupled with the rise of DC electric arc furnaces in the past 10 years, the graphite electrodes/graphite rods needed for EAF steelmaking have been raised to a new level from specifications to quality, and foreign industrialized countries from the late 70 of 20th century, That is too much production diameter of 600mm high power and ultra-high power graphite electrode/graphite rods, accumulated a lot of experience.
Particularly in the early 1990s, the production of a diameter $number ~ 800mm for high-power DC electric furnace use of ultra-high power graphite electrode/graphite rod. In the fierce market competition, Japan, the United States, Germany carbon plant pay attention to product quality, with the furnace unit input power increasing, graphite electrode performance is correspondingly improved, the early 1990s high power and ultra-high power graphite electrode body and joint density, mechanical strength has been raised to high density graphite level, At the same time, the resistivity of the joint is reduced to around, the electrode body and the line expansion coefficient of the joint are kept in a very low range, to achieve such a high level, in the electrode production process is more difficult.
Foreign carbon plant in addition to the performance of raw materials in the study of a great deal of effort outside, process equipment is also constantly updated, with the general use of large-scale vacuum exhaust extruder, bottom-type baking furnace, high vacuum impregnation unit, two times baking tunnel kiln, hot tandem graphite furnace, combined processing machine tools and other efficient advanced equipment. The 1990s, a large number of foreign electric furnace steel demand is the large size (diameter 500~700mm) of high power and ultra-high power graphite electrodes, China's carbon plant to export large-scale high power or ultra-high power graphite electrodes with foreign counterparts in the competition is not easy.
But China carbon plant also has its own advantages, such as raw materials and labor is relatively cheap, China's carbon industry has accumulated more than 40 years of experience, with a strong workforce, some carbon plant after technical transformation, basic production of high power or ultra-high power graphite electrode objective conditions. In recent more than 10 years, the domestic carbon plant and related departments have done a lot of research work on producing high quality petroleum coke and high quality binder. Needle-like coke and modified asphalt has been able to produce, as long as the previous work on the basis of further efforts, to 2000 not only high power graphite electrode can meet the needs, and can do large quantities of exports. Large size ultra-high power graphite electrodes/graphite rods are also expected to meet domestic needs in terms of quality and quantity.