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Composition of Graphite Carbon Rod Formulation

The resin binders used in graphite carbon rods mainly include phenolic resins and epoxy resins. It is the same as the coal binder, can be at a lower temperature, through curing, the components bonded together. The resistance of its finished products is higher, and it can be carbonized to reduce the resistance. Because the price is more expensive, only in the case of the use.
Composition of graphite carbon rod formulation
Because of the different working conditions of the motor, graphite rods//graphite rods are of various kinds. Different grades of brush, the technical performance of the major differences. So it needs to be adjusted in recipes and processes. The formula comprises: A, selecting different raw materials and proportion, B) the particle size composition of dry powder, the type, nature and proportion of binder.
Graphite carbon rods used in the production of more raw materials, they have different material structure and performance, the different properties of the raw materials according to a certain proportion of mixing, then the single raw material performance is completely different from the comprehensive effect. The composition of dry powder particle size, affect the density of its accumulation, due to the differences between the particles, the formation of different degrees of porosity (stomata). The finer the particles and the larger the surface area, the more the binder is needed. The length-width ratio of the particles is different, and the graphite carbon rods after forming have anisotropy. The composition of coal tar pitch and coal seam binder is very complicated, and its production method, technical index and amount of addition have a direct impact on the final performance of the product.
So far, it is not possible to design the product formulation based on the theoretical calculation method according to the graphite carbon rod performance requirement. The method is generally based on the combination of theoretical calculation and practical test. When the production process and raw material quality changes, the original formula is not necessarily applicable, at this time should modify the process and formula to achieve the original quality standards and use requirements. For the use of high reputation products, should be as far as possible to maintain the stability of the formula and process. Otherwise, appropriate adjustments should be made in order to continuously improve the quality of products.