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Selection of Graphite Moulds and Their Materials for Sintering

Graphite Mould for sintering
Because the high purity graphite has high temperature resistance, high-purity, stable size, high temperature, heat shock performance and so on, so it is widely used in the semiconductor industry to make all kinds of winding die in high purity graphite.
1. Electronic device sintering mold
Graphite sintering mold is suitable for the tube core sintering of various types of diodes, transistors, SCR tubes and other devices. A graphite boat is also used when the high frequency furnace area is used for melting and flushing single crystals.
Example of sintering die of electronic device
2. All kinds of insulator sintering mould
Graphite mold is suitable for various types of transistors, silicon Rectifier, SCR tube sintering, capacitor insulator sintering, thick film and film integrated circuit insulator sintering, subminiature relays, connectors and other components such as insulator sintering mold,
The higher the purity of the graphite materials used in the semiconductor industry, the better the in particular, direct contact with the semiconductor material graphite devices such as crucible, sintering mold, impurity content will pollute the semiconductor materials, so not only to the use of graphite raw materials to strictly control the purity, but also through high-temperature graphitization treatment, so that its ash to a minimum degree.
The semiconductor industry requires that the right ink material particle size, fine particle size of the graphite is not only easy to achieve the processing accuracy, but also high temperature strength, loss of small, especially for the sintering mold requires high processing accuracy.
Because the graphite devices used in the semiconductor industry (including heaters and sintering moulds) fan need to withstand repeated heating and cooling processes, in order to improve the life of graphite devices, the graphite materials used at elevated temperatures have good dimensional stability and thermal shock resistance. In order to meet the above requirements, we have produced a series of graphite materials for use in the semiconductor industry, and some of its grades and properties are listed in the table