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Why is Fluorinated Graphite Sheet An Ideal Lubricating Material?

The fluorinated graphite plate is a good solid lubricating material. The commonly used fluorinated graphite is poly single fluorine carbon (CF) and poly Mono fluorine + two carbon (c2f). According to the literature, the lubricating properties of fluorinated graphite are introduced.
Affected by the kinds and crystallization of graphite carbon, the f/c ratio of synthetic temperature and the granularity of graphite powder. (1) The influence of the graphite powder granules: The experimental results indicated that the particle diameter was 0. The 1~50HM crystalline graphite powders obtained by fluoride (c2f) "have excellent lubricating properties." Wear rate is very low when applied. In the size range of 0.5~50pm, the more fine particles are, the easier the graphite fluoride is.
Generated ((: 2?) 11 of the time is short, the production cost is low. Less than 0.1pm Particle grinding difficulties, the cost is too high, fluoride reaction is not good control. The fluoride reaction time is too long, the production efficiency is low and the wear-resisting property is not good when the particle diameter is greater than 50/XM. Table 3-8 shows data on the fluoride temperature, fluoride time and wear amount of the different right inks at different mean granularity. It is important to select lubricating materials and their synthetic conditions.
(2) The influence of carbon atom ratio (F/C): The data show that the f/c ratio is proportional to the lubrication characteristics. When the reaction temperature is under 4501 fluoride, the f/c ratio is 0.05 ~ 0.3, and the partially fluorinated graphite has excellent lubricity. Graphite partial fluoride, in high temperature resistance, load resistance, acid and alkali corrosion, resistance to environmental impact and so on. Are better than graphite, completely fluoride. The graphite plate is widely used, the industrial value is larger, and the production price is lower than that of completely fluorinated graphite. When f/c<0 05 o'clock, the lubrication performance became worse. F/c>0.3 O'Clock Lubrication performance did not change significantly, and the price of fluoride is expensive
(3) Temperature effect: For the partial graphite fluoride, mainly depends on the control temperature realization. When the temperature is 350-450t, the partially fluorinated graphite can be obtained. Less than 300 of the time required for fluoride is too long, higher than 450T fluoride lubrication performance is not good, the product will also occur decomposition reaction. In table 3-9, the average granularity of LOFXM natural graphite as raw material, at a temperature of 370T:, the fluorine pressure force 799 $number x 104Pa. The lubrication characteristics of fluorinated graphite plates with different f/c ratios were obtained under the condition of fluoride.