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Mechanical Properties of Carbon-graphite Materials

The specificity of carbon-graphite material is increased with the increase of temperature and its strength. The ultimate load on the unit area of carbon graphite material is called compressive strength (also known as compression strength). When an object is subjected to external forces perpendicular to the axis, the ultimate load force, known as flexural strength (also known as flexural strength), is first bent and then broken. When the force is an inch, the object is pulled off the instantaneous limit load, called the tensile strength.
The compressive strength of the manufactured graphite products is about one fold of the flexural strength (1.61~2.90), and the tensile strength is about half of the flexural strength (0.47 ~ 0.60). The strength of carbon graphite material is also anisotropic. For extruded products, the strength of the test block parallel to the extrusion direction is greater than that of the extrusion direction, while for molded products, the pressure direction of the test block is larger than that of the other side.