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Strength Calculation of Graphite Tube Sheet

General Analysis of Tube plate
(1) The perimeter of the tube plate supporting the fixed end tube plate is fastened by the flange and forms the supporting edge, the displacement of the axis direction is completely constrained, and the angular displacement of the periphery of the Tube plate after force may have two extremes: the peripheral solid branch and the surrounding simple branch. When the perimeter is solid, there is no line displacement, and no corner can occur. And the corners around the simple branch are not subject to any Saturday. The actual graphite fixed-end tube plate is between these two extremes, that is, the angular displacement constraint of the support boundary to the tube plate is neither infinite nor zero. For floating end tube plate, although can be affected by the temperature difference and telescopic floating, but the tube plate is still with the head through the bolt flange and fastening, the tube plate periphery and the head between the relative line displacement is constrained, the tube plate around the corner is also bound by certain constraints. So, the fixed end of the tube plate and floating end of the peripheral support of the situation is basically similar, there is no much difference.
(2) The load of the tube plate, whether it is fixed end or floating end of the graphite tube plate, the two sides of the tube plate are respectively subjected to the uniform load of the dielectric, that is, the medium pressure pt, and the shell medium pressure effect, which is the main load of the tube plate. When the flange is fastened, the sealing force of the tube plate is not the additional bending moment of the tube plate, which can be neglected.
(3) Factors affecting the strength of the tube plate first, surrounding support conditions. The stress state in the tube plate is different from the support between the surrounding solid branch and the peripheral simple branch or between two kinds of cases. The maximum bending stress is at the edge of the circular plate under the fixed support condition, while the maximum bending stress in the case of the simple support is in the center of the circular plate, and the maximum bending stress is not equal in both cases.