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Evolution Process of High Purity Graphite to Graphite Products

In the graphite industry, carbon content in 99.9% of the material is called graphite, graphite has a good conductivity, thermal conductivity, lubrication thermal expansion coefficient of small, corrosion resistance and other metal materials can not be replaced by the characteristics. As the new materials are emphasized in the Thirteen-Five planning of our country, it also indicates that the graphite material industry will usher in the starting point of development, so the deep understanding of the formation of graphite from material to graphite products has far-reaching significance.
Graphite Process:
From the selection of high-purity graphite raw materials to structure all kinds of same-sex materials, then need to grind these raw materials into fine powder, and then use a unique isostatic pressing molding technology. In order to achieve the desired specifications in the roasting cycle and impregnation of many times, the graphitization cycle will be longer. At present the market we often see graphite materials have high-purity graphite, molded graphite, isostatic pressure graphite, EDM graphite and so on.
Finally, the graphite material is machined by cutting into graphite moulds, graphite bearings, graphite boats, etc., which are often used in industry.