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Classification and Application of Graphite Anode Plate

Graphite anode plate is widely used in industry, so let's briefly introduce its use.
Graphite anodes are divided into rods and plates, graphite anode plates, graphite anode rods (also known as graphite cathode plates, graphite cathode rods). In the electrolysis water solution, the salt solution is made to obtain the alkali, the graphite anode plate plays the conductive heat conduction function; industrial sewage treatment, but also using graphite anode plate as a medium, its chemical performance is stable to play an excellent performance; rare earth smelting graphite anode, acid and alkali corrosion, low ash, easy to produce, vanadium nitrogen alloy furnace graphite anode plate, heat-resisting, lubrication effect. The index of graphite anode is as follows: Resistivity ≤7-7.2 (mm2/m), flexural strength ≥13 (MPA), volume density ≥1.64-1. ($literal), use time ≥ 72/h.