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Bonding Method of Graphite Plate

In hydrochloric acid production, the high-temperature hydrogen chloride gas from the synthetic furnace is cooled by a cast iron tube in the air and cooled in the water before it is absorbed into the absorber tower (by acid absorption into industrial hydrochloric acid). Because the graphite tube is not in stock, we use 4 pieces of flexible graphite plate modified epoxy adhesive splicing. The modified epoxy mortar formulation is: 6101 Epoxy resin 50 grams pf Resin 30 grams furfuryl alcohol resin 20 grams 120 eyes graphite powder 50 grams 6.5% ethyl two amine 5ml flexible graphite plate ditching, bonded with angle fastening. One days after curing room temperature, bake with charcoal stove. Bake for about 607 to 4 hours, 100 ℃ about 4 hours, then naturally cool to room temperature. Because the flexible graphite plate is not impregnated. Only thin modified epoxy mortar is used to enclose the pores. Actual production for two years did not find cracks, shedding phenomenon. It is estimated that it will be available for two years. Copper-Graphite self-lubricating composite material with excellent metal properties of copper alloy and solid lubricant graphite composite, both of the advantages, is an ideal high-temperature bearing material, its performance directly affect the automotive, railway, aviation, aerospace and other fields of the overall function of the play. At present, the methods of preparing copper-graphite composites are difficult to infiltrate copper alloy and graphite particles, the product density and strength are poor, the forming process is complex and the cost is high. By combining semi-solid forming with casting and rolling technology into the preparation of copper-graphite composite, the semi-solid casting and rolling method of copper flexible graphite plate was proposed, and the semi-solid casting and rolling parameters of copper flexible graphite plate with good performance were determined by a lot of process tests and theoretical analysis. The main research contents and results are as follows: The semi-solid slurry with different solid-phase ratio can be obtained by controlling stirring temperature by using electromagnetic-mechanical compound stirring technology to prepare the homogeneous copper-graphite particle size. 2. Titanium Bronze 3.5-3.5 Flexible graphite plate was prepared by semi-solid casting and rolling technology, and a reasonable semi-solid casting and rolling process was developed. The relationship between solid-phase ratio of semi-solid slurry and the size of graphite particles was obtained, and the conditions for eliminating the macroscopic segregation of graphite particles in titanium bronze 3.5-3.5 flexible graphite plates were determined. 3. Through the compression test of titanium bronze 3.5-3.5 flexible graphite plates with different solid-phase ratios, the influence of solid-phase ratio of semi-solid slurry on the compressive properties of plates is clarified, and the optimal solid-phase rate condition is obtained. 4. The microstructure of the 3.5-3.5 flexible graphite anode plate of the semi-solid cast-rolling titanium bronze was analyzed, and the influence mechanism of the process parameters on the compressive properties of the plate was explored.