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What kinds of graphite powders are there?

1. Colloidal Graphite Powder

Colloidal graphite powder is formed by the average dispersion of graphite particles under 2 in organic solvents, and colloidal graphite is a kind of viscous liquid with black filaments. With High-quality natural flake graphite performance, under high temperature conditions with special antioxidant, self-lubricating and plasticity, as well as good conductivity, heat and adhesion, mainly used in sealing, metallurgy demoulding and other industries.

2. Flake Graphite Powder

Scale graphite powder is the most widely used, is processed into other graphite powder raw materials, specifications from 30 mesh-800, scale graphite powder has good toughness, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, can be used as conductive materials, refractories, wear-resistant lubricating materials, casting, foundry, die and high-temperature metallurgical materials.

3. Nanometer Graphite Powder

Nano-graphite powder of the main specifications for D50 400 nm, its production process is relatively complex, low production rate, so the price is relatively high, mainly used in anti-corrosion coatings, lubricating oil additives, lubricating grease additives, precision graphite seals and other industries.

4. Superfine Graphite Powder

Ultrafine Graphite Powder Specifications between 1800 mesh 8000 mesh, mainly used in Powder metallurgy release agent, making graphite crucible, battery cathode and conductive materials, such as additives.