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Graphite Manufacturers Discussion on the Characteristics of Graphite Crucible

Graphite manufacturers introduced, the crucible model specifications are more, in the application of the production scale, batch size and smelting material varieties of restrictions, can be arbitrary choice, strong applicability, and can guarantee the purity of the melting material.
1. Thermal Stability: According to the use conditions of the hot and cold in the graphite crucible, the manufacturer guarantees the quality of the graphite crucible according to the special design.
2. Graphite manufacturers elaborated, corrosion resistance and impact resistance: Graphite crucible using fine uniform design, effective resistance to the Crucible corrosion degree, strict implementation of graphite crucible process, because of some, withstand high impact strength.
3. High-temperature conductivity: Carbon is very good to ensure the heat conductivity, shortening the melting point of graphite crucible time, reducing other energy consumption.
4. Graphite manufacturers tell, no metal pollution: the graphite crucible material composition strictly controlled, therefore, no pollution to the metal.