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What Are The Processing Processes of Graphite Processing Plants?

Processing technology of graphite processing plant:

1. Open material: According to the size of the drawing material; small hand-held cutting saws in general small factories; the larger the factory uses the bridge type cutting machine or the horizontal cutting machine, opens the material time also has the certain experience, can not open the material at the corner. That would be a bad result.

2. Trimming: We all know that the cutting machine to open the material, there must be a lot of uneven place, in order to adhere to the smooth we need to repair the edge of the flash. Then the job will be done. Come out of the craft also more fine, can highlight its value.

3. Bonding:

A, ready to repair the bonding surface to adhere to the material;

b, to adjust the special glue;

C, clamp the material with clamp, pay attention to the force of the clamp.

4. Sanding:

Graphite processing plant elaborated: artificial Shitai noodles Although do not want to jade that need so professional and fine grinding, but it also needs further processing. Bonding molding Table with the angle grinder general repair, can be polished polishing, polishing a lot of methods but to pay attention to a regular, polished to one layer, polished after polishing can be polished, polishing before waxing, polishing with polished cotton. Polished and polished products can make people feel better. Such products can also be sold at a good price in the market!

5. Installation:

Graphite processing plant The installation of artificial Shitai surface has many kinds, because it uses different, can be used to make kitchen cabinet counter surface. Floating window surface, even some of the toilet table can be used. The general steps are as follows.

A, adjust the flatness of the cabinet body

B, pad

C, put a good table

D, Bonding (note: On-site bonding surface is very easy to do not secure; So to reinforce at the bonding point)

E, polished polishing

F, cleaning the scene