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What Is the Importance of Graphite Electrodes to Mold Manufacturing?

By using graphite electrode instead of copper electrode to make mould manufacture, the manufacturing cycle of die is greatly shortened, labor productivity is improved and the manufacturing cost of die is reduced.

In recent years, with the introduction of precision molds and high efficiency molds (shorter die cycle), people have more and more demands on mould making, because of the limitation of various conditions of copper electrode, it has been more and more unable to meet the development requirement of mould industry. As an EDM electrode material, graphite has been widely used in the mould industry for its high cutting property, light weight, fast forming, small swelling rate, low loss and easy dressing.

Properties of graphite electrode materials

1. CNC machining speed, high cutting, easy to repair graphite machine processing speed, for the copper electrode $number times, the finishing speed is particularly prominent, and its strength is very high, for ultra-high (50 90mm), ultra-thin (0.2.5mm) of the electrode, processing difficult to deformation. And in many cases, products need to have a good surface effect, this requires that when making electrodes as far as possible to make the whole common electrode, and the whole public electrode when the production of a variety of hidden angle, because of the easy to repair the characteristics of graphite, making the problem is easy to solve, and greatly reduce the number of electrodes, but the copper electrode can not do.

2. Rapid EDM forming, small thermal expansion, low loss due to the conductivity of graphite than copper, so it is faster than copper discharge rate, copper $number times. and its discharge can withstand a larger current, EDM roughing more favorable. At the same time, the same volume, graphite weight of copper 1/5 times times, greatly reduce the EDM load. For the production of large electrodes, the overall electrode has an advantage. The sublimation temperature of graphite is 4,200 Shan, which is $number times of copper (the sublimation temperature of copper is 1100 Shan). At high temperatures, the deformation is minimal (the 1 3 of copper under the same electrical conditions), does not soften. Discharge energy can be transmitted to the workpiece efficiently and in low consumption. Because the strength of graphite is enhanced at high temperature, it can effectively reduce the discharge loss (1/4 of the graphite loss is copper) and ensure the processing quality.

3. Light weight, low cost of a set of mold production costs, the electrode CNC machining time, EDM time, electrode loss and other accounting for the majority of the total cost, and these are determined by the electrode material itself. Compared with copper, Graphite machining speed and EDM speed are $number times of copper. At the same time, the characteristics of the minimal wear and the overall production of the graphite electrode, can reduce the number of electrodes, but also reduce the electrode supplies and processing time. All of these can greatly reduce the cost of tooling.

Mechanical and electrical processing requirements and characteristics of graphite electrodes

1. Electrode production professional graphite electrode production mainly using high-speed machine tools to process, machine tool stability is better, the three-axis movement should be uniform and stable vibration, and such as the spindle such as the accuracy of the rotation to be as good as possible. For general machine tools can also be completed electrode processing, but the preparation of the knife path and the copper electrode is different.

2. EDM process graphite electrode is carbon electrode. Because graphite has good conductivity, it can save a lot of time in EDM, which is one of the reasons for graphite electrode. 3. Graphite electrode processing characteristics industrial graphite hard and brittle, in C n C processing tool wear more serious, generally recommended use of cemented carbide or diamond coated knives. Graphite in roughing tool can be directly in the workpiece up and down knife, finishing to avoid the collapse of the angle, fragmentation occurs, often using a light knife fast way to process. In general, the graphite in the cut depth less than 0.2mm in the case of rare collapse, but also to obtain a better surface quality of the side wall. Graphite electrode CNC Machining When the dust is relatively large, may invade the machine tool guide screw and spindle, etc., which requires graphite processing machine tool has the corresponding treatment of graphite dust device, machine tool tightness is also better, because the graphite is poisonous.