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What Are The Advantages of Graphite Products?

First, graphite products have good adsorption.

The carbon pore structure makes the carbon have very good adsorption, so the carbon is often used as adsorption material to absorb moisture, odor, toxic substances and so on. We have done experiments, a few days ago barbecue used graphite baking tray looks very clean, but put on the electromagnetic stove heating, will see the last time the adsorption of grease and harmful substances will slowly seep, but do not worry, with a clean meal paper wipe can be used.

Second, graphite products have very good thermal conductivity, heat transfer fast, uniform heating, fuel saving.

With graphite made of baking pan, pot and other heating fast, and the food fired evenly, from inside to cooked, heating time is short, not only taste pure, but also can lock food original nutrients. We have done experiments, with graphite baking plate barbecue, just start induction cooker to fire, only 20-30 seconds can preheat, start baking food as long as hit in small fires can be used to save energy.

Third, graphite products with chemical stability and erosion resistance.

Graphite has good chemical stability at ambient temperature and is not subject to any strong acid, alkali, and organic solvents. Therefore, graphite products even if the long-term use of loss is very little, as long as the cleaning is as fresh as the new.

Four, graphite products have a strong antioxidant and reduction action.

Products, especially graphite mattress heating can produce negative oxygen ions, so that the surrounding goods active, maintain human health, effective prevention of aging, so that the skin full of luster and elasticity.

Five, the graphite products environmental health, no radioactive pollution, high temperature.

Carbon in the 2000-3,300 degree of high-temperature environment through at least more than 10 of the process of graphitization in the day and night to become graphite, so the toxic and harmful substances in graphite has been released, at least in 2000 degrees is stable.