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What To Pay Attention to When Choosing Graphite Block?

What to pay attention to when choosing graphite block?

1. For carbon graphite rings or bearings with metal inserts, attention should be paid to the difference of thermal expansion coefficients. When assembling, the surplus of the selection should be reasonable and not too large.

2. In the case of high speed or high pressure, it is necessary to use an effective method to derive the friction heat, which should be paid attention to when the crystallization precipitates in the medium.

3. Carbon-Graphite is a brittle material, and its mechanical strength is generally lower than that of metals. Therefore, in the design of the structure should pay attention to this feature, in the processing and assembly process should be carefully operated, strictly prohibit the use of hard objects to avoid cracking.

4. Before the installation, the friction pair two faces must grind, each department should clean. After installation, the friction pair to run through the running-in operation, first in the low pressure low-speed operation or in the work of a short period of time start, so repeatedly, after the running-in, can be put into normal operation.

5. The selection must be based on the operating conditions of the equipment, considering the pressure, line speed, medium and grinding materials and other factors, if necessary, after passing the test to select appropriate.