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What’s the Application of Graphite Machining?

Graphite processing plays an increasingly important role in our life, but the specific graphite processing is used in those industries believe that everyone and is not fully understood, today's little series on the graphite processing mainly used in those fields.

First graphite processing can be used as refractory material

Graphite processing can be used to produce refractories, including refractory bricks, citrus, continuous casting powder, mold core, mold detergent and high-temperature resistant materials.

(l) Magnesia-carbon brick Magnesia-carbon refractories.

(2) Aluminum-carbon brick refractories are mainly used for continuous casting, flat billet pipe protection cover, underwater nozzle and oil well bangalores.

(3) Crucible and its related products, such as crucible, curved neck bottle, stopper and nozzle, and so on, are formed and refractory crucibles for graphite processing.

The second major function of graphite processing is to be used as a conductive material

Graphite processing in the electrical industry is widely used as electrodes, brushes, carbon rods, carbon tubes, mercury rectifier cathode, graphite washers, telephone parts, TV picture tube coating and so on.

The third major function of graphite processing is to be used as a material for abrasion and lubrication

Graphite is often used as lubricant in mechanical industry. Many of the equipment to transport corrosive media, widely used graphite materials made of piston rings, seals and bearings, they operate, do not need to add lubricating oil, graphite milk is also a lot of metal processing (wire drawing, tube) when the good lubricant.