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What is the Nature of the Classification of Graphite Electrodes?

Classification of graphite electrodes:

Ordinary Power graphite electrode

Allow the use of electric current density of less than 17a-cm 2 graphite electrode, mainly used in steelmaking, smelting silicon, refining of yellow phosphorus, such as ordinary power electric furnace.

II. Antioxidant coating Graphite Electrodes

A graphite electrode coated with an antioxidant protective layer (a graphite electrode antioxidant). The electrode consumption (19) can be reduced by forming both conductive and high-temperature oxidation protection layer, prolonging the electrode life (22) and reducing the energy consumption of the electrode. The use of this technology can bring about such economic and social effects:

Graphite Electrode unit Consumption is less, production cost has a certain reduction.

Graphite electrode can consume less electricity, economize production cost and save energy.

Because graphite electrode exchange is less, it is less labor and risk coefficient of workers, improve production efficiency.

Graphite electrodes are low consumption and lower pollution products, in the energy-saving and emission reduction environmental protection advocates today, has a very important social significance.

Three, high power graphite electrode

A graphite electrode with a current density of 18 25A centimeter 2 is allowed, which is mainly used in high power eaf for steelmaking.

Ultra-high power graphite electrodes

A graphite electrode with a current density greater than 25a cm 2 is allowed. Mainly used in ultra-high power steelmaking eaf.