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What Are The Uses of High-Purity Graphite?

In terms of carbon, its main use is graphite, but now there is a higher purity of the graphite. This also shows the rapid progress of society!

The high purity graphite uses mainly in the industry electric conduction and the metallurgy domain, it is uses the high pure graphite as the raw material, the processing made, may the high-purity graphite processing makes each kind of shape, each kind of specification, the different use high purity graphite product.

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It has good high-temperature resistance, conductive properties and so on, and has wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy to process and other advantages, high-purity graphite products are made from high-purity graphite, high-purity graphite crucible, high-purity graphite electrode, EDM graphite and so on are high-purity graphite products, high-purity graphite products with good conductivity, high temperature performance, wear resistance, according to the characteristics of high-purity graphite products, high-purity graphite products used mainly in refractory, metallurgical, conductive and other industrial fields.

High-purity Graphite products are made of high purity graphite, high temperature resistance of high-purity graphite, and the use of high purity graphite can be made into high-purity graphite crucible. High-purity graphite crucible can melt precious metals, etc., according to high purity graphite products of high-temperature resistance, the proportion of small, so is widely used in the manufacture of solid fuel rocket nozzle, these are high-purity graphite products for use. High purity graphite manufacturers of high-purity graphite in high-end industrial uses play an indispensable role.