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The Production of Graphite Electrode

The graphite electrodes in die making are mainly made by milling. From the point of view of processing technology, graphite and copper are 2 different kinds of materials, and they should be mastered by different cutting characteristics. If the process of processing a copper electrode to process graphite electrodes, there will be problems, such as thin slices often break, which requires the use of appropriate cutting tools and parameters.

The processing of graphite electrode is larger than that of copper electrode, and it is economical to choose carbide cutting tool, which is the most economical, and the price of diamond coated tool (graphite knife) is more expensive, but diamond coated tool has long service life, high processing precision and good overall economic benefit. The tool's front corner size also affects its service life, the rake Koein cutting tool will be higher than the front corner 15 's tool up to 50% of the service life, the cutting stability is better, but the larger the bevel, the better the surface of the processing, the use of 15 bevel tool to achieve the best processing surface. Processing speed can be adjusted by the shape of the electrode, usually for/, similar to processing aluminum or plastic, roughing tool can be directly in the workpiece up and down knife, fine processing prone to collapse angle, fragmentation phenomenon, often using light knife fast way.

Graphite electrode in the cutting process will produce a large amount of dust, in order to avoid the graphite particles suction machine tool spindle and screw, the current solution is mainly 2 kinds, one is the use of specialized graphite processing machine, the other is the ordinary processing center modification, configuration of special dust suction device. Special graphite high-speed milling machine in the market has high milling efficiency, can easily complete complex electrode manufacturing, high electrode precision, good surface quality.

If you need to use EDM wire cutting to make graphite electrodes, it is recommended to use a smaller particle diameter of fine graphite material. The machining performance of the graphite material is poor, and the particle diameter of the particles can get relatively high cutting efficiency and avoid abnormal problems such as frequent broken wires and surface stripes.