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Method of Application of Graphite Crucible

Below are the methods of application of graphite crucible, hope it will be helpful for you:

  1. Crucible belongs to ceramics. In the mid wall of crucible, it has certain quantity holes. It is readily absorbing moisture, so for the first time using graphite crucible without adding material condition, it must be pre-heat to make sure it has no moisture left on the wall of crucible. It had better to roast 24 hours near the sole.
  2. After the pre-heated for the first time using, it does not need to pre-heat again unless crucible once again exposed to mositure environment.
  3. After pre-heating, operators must heat the temperature to 850--950 degree rapidly wihout adding the material condition and keep warm half an hour, then bring down to normal usage temperature and add the material.
  4. When install crucible, it must use the same as the bottom of crucible, 2-3cm bigger than bottom brick is better to avoid crack.
  5. When crucible put into the furnace, it had better to put some small metal pieces into the bottom of crucible and then put ingot metal to avoid ingot metal put into the furnace directly and cause crack for crucible goes cool.
  6. The roast ingot metal must bristle put into the crucible slowly. If put sideways, it is easy to damage the crucible for ingot metal thermal expansion.
  7. When usage, the metal water is too little, do not add the material too much as it will easily freeze when it is cooled; later temperature goes high, metal thermal expansion will burst curcible
  8. During usage, the wall of crucible will remain some additive agent or metal regulus, which need to clean regularly.
  9. Whne stop using in midway, the metal water must be cleaned.
  10. When stop furnace, the crucible must be cooled naturally. Do not use cool wind to blow.