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Requirement and Characteristics of Graphite Electrode

  The requirement and characteristics of graphite electrode:

  1. The production of eletrode: professional graphite electrode manufacturing mainly adopts high speed machining. The stability of machining must be good, three axis is uniform and stable without vibrating. Besides, rotation precision like principal axis must be as well as possible. For common machining, it could also finish electrode production, but the technology of writing tool path is different from copper electrode.
  2. EDM electrical discharge machining

Graphite electrode is carbon electrode. As graphite has good conductive performance, it could save a lot of time when discharging. That is also the reason to use graphite as electrode.

  1. Machining characteristics of graphite electrode

Graphite used in the industry is hard and brittle. When CNC machining, it has a serious abrasion on the tools. Normally, we suggest use hard alloy or diamond coated tools. Tools could plunge cut directly on the workpiece when graphite is in rough machining. During precision machining, it normally adopts light knife fast walking way to process in order to avoid chipping and splintering. Normally, graphite seldomly occurs splintering when cutting depth smaller than 0.2mm condition, it will gain better surface quality of the side wall.