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Export Suggestions of China’s Graphite Electrode

  In general, the export of China’s graphite electrode has gained significant achievement. However, it can not be denied that it still has many problems. Belows are the suggestions offered by Raygroup graphite electrode.

  1. According to the development of market situation and demand, reduce sales section, shorten sales channels, build own sales group and upstream, downstream line’s relationship to promote direct selling. Study hard on the life circle of graphite electrode, completely analyses inside and outside environment, correctly evaluate ourselves competitive strength, develop and practice enterprise strategy.

  2. The problem of RMB exchange rate is the economic problem, it has inner laws of economics. At present, our financial market is constantly improved and financial products is increasingly rich, we could borrow dollars from lending market and return it after forming export earnings.

  3. China’s graphite electrode export is in order confusion. It not only seriously impact the normal export market, but more important, damage the reputation of our graphite electrode in international market and long term benefit. We must learn a lesson, great efforts made to clean up and advocate integrity management.

  4. In order to realize the development strategy and target of our graphite electrode export enterprises, increase export performance, we must pay attention to human resource planning and human resource developing.