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Gaps for Research Applications

  Since the 1960s, America Union Carbide Corporation first successfully developed expansion graphite sealing material. In short 30 years, soft graphite has entered into many fields, even some high technology fields, especially like America, Japan, Britain, Germany and other industrial developed countries, they have a wide applications for soft graphite development. It has involves into preparation methods of intercalation compound and other deep problems. At present, this field is booming.

  The study on soft graphite material is relatively late in China. In the past, the high grade soft graphite material of key equipment is normally imported from abroad.

  In the 1980s, our soft graphite is only applicable for sealing material and it is only used as static sealing in a few industries like petroleum, chemical industry with limit applications.

  After the mid-1980s, with the further research of science and improvement of product quality, the application of soft graphite had a break. First, sealing aspect has been improved, it could be normal work under the condition of alternating pressure and alternating temperature, which could used as dynamic seal. Now, it not only prevent leakage, but protect shaft and valve rod from abrasion for itself lubrication performance. And it has the effect of extending equipment lifespan. Since soft graphite could reach totally sealed on all kinds of liquid and air, it is very popular in car, shipbuilding and other industries.

  Next, soft graphite is also made different kinds of protective film and widely used in ingot casting technology.

  The third, some factories use soft graphite as protective material when smelting of rare metals, which has gained the preliminary success.