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Gap in Graphite Products Between China and Abroad

  In this article, Ray group graphite & carbon electrode company will tell you the gap in graphite products between China and abroad.

  Though the development of our soft graphite study is fast, there’s still a big gap compared with Japan, Germany and America, which is mainly on lower production level and the quality of product has a big gap compared with developed countries.

  Product performance: for example, the strength of extension for soft graphite product is 20% lower than abroad simliar products while friction coefficient is 20% higher than abroad products.

  Grade specifications: our soft graphite is simple product while western countries has studied 1600 kinds of soft graphite products for oxidation resistance and anti-corrosive properties, which almost reach the level of various kinds.

  Soft graphite products compounding material aspect: Japan has studied 6 successful kinds while we only have 3 kinds and 1 still in trial stage.