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Application Value of Different Graphite Products

  Chinese graphite products are divided into flake graphite and microcrystalline ink two kinds: flake graphite refers to the natural crystalline graphite, its shape is scaly, is made of crystalline (flake) graphite ore processing, dressing, some purified products; microcrystalline graphite or amorphous graphite has been called clay-like graphene, which refers to a compact aggregate formed by tiny natural graphite crystals, which are processed by the hidden crystalline (earthy) graphite ores, some beneficiation and purification products.

  Flake graphite is classified according to the fixed carbon content of high purity graphite, high carbon graphite, medium carbon graphite and low carbon graphite 4 class.

  According to the product size, fixed carbon content is divided into 212 grades, high-purity graphite (fixed carbon content greater than or equal to 99.9%) is mainly used for flexible graphite sealing materials, replacing platinum crucible for chemical reagent melting and lubricants base materials;

  High carbon graphite (fixed carbon content 94.0%~99.9%) is mainly used in refractory materials, lubricant substrates, brush raw material, electro-carbon products, battery raw materials, pencil materials, fillers and coatings, etcMedium carbon graphite (fixed carbon content 80%~94%) is mainly used in crucible, refractory material, casting materials, casting coatings, pencil materials, battery raw materials and dyes.
  Low carbon graphite (fixed carbon content is greater than or equal to 50.0%~80.0%) is mainly used for foundry coatings.

  Microcrystalline ink is divided into the requirements of iron and non-iron 2 categories, according to the product fixed carbon content, the maximum size is divided into 60 grades, various brands of graphite products, the appearance of the products must not be visible to the naked eye sawdust, iron filings, stone particles and other debris, products are not contaminated by other impurities, their technical requirements see the table below. Microcrystalline ink in the acid soluble iron content is not greater than 1%, mainly used in pencil, batteries, electrode, graphite emulsion, graphite bearing ingredients and battery carbon rod raw materials, such as the non-ferrous metal, the main application of the micro-crystal ink casting materials, refractories, dyes and electrode paste and other raw materials.