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Excellent Performance of Graphite

  Graphite products are the cllective call of all graphite products. It could be divided into graphite electrode, graphite block, graphite powder, graphite crucible, graphite mould and graphite scrap.

  Since it has many excellent performance, it is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electric, chemical engineering, spining, national defense, etc.

  The main application of graphite is to produce refractory material, including refractory bricks, crucible, continuous casting powder, casting core, casting detergent and high temperature resistant material. In recent years, two important changes in the refractory material industry is that magnesia carbon brick is widely used in steelmaking stove and aluminum carbon brick is widely used in continuous casting process, which closely connect the graphite refractory material with steelmaking industry; graphite and other impurity material is used as carburant during steelmaking industry; it could also be used as conductive material, corrosion resistant material, etc. With the development of science technology, graphite is developed into many new applications including soft graphite products.