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What is Specialty Graphite?

Specialty graphite is mainly refers to high intensity, high density, high purity graphite products (or three high graphite for short). Three high graphite can be divided into coarse particle structure, fine particle structure and ultrafine particle structure from material organization structures. From forming methods, it can be divided into press molding specialty graphite, extrusion molding specialty graphite and isostatic pressing specialty graphite. Besides, vibration-forming can also be used in producing specialty graphite. High quality specialty graphite—homogeneous graphite produced specialty graphite by isostatic pressing craft.

Not all specialty graphite must reach same high intensity, high density and high purity target. Specialty graphite used in different occasion has its specific intensity, density requirement, that ‘s to say, it has different intensity and density index. Many specialty graphite does not need to reach high purity, ash content is not the main quality index. Some specialty graphite does not need high density and intensity, but high purity while some specialty graphite, like electric discharge machining used graphite according to different processing craft and processing target need different physical and chemical index fine particle structure graphite or ultrafine particle structure graphite.