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What is Graphite Electrode Used for?

Artificial graphite electrode is an indispensable material used in the electric arc furnace steel making, for its excellent electrical conductivity and remarkable anti-thermal shock capability. In general, carbon is produced by carbonizing mixed coke substances with binding pitch at 1,000°C in a baking furnace.

Electric arc furnaces operate using either alternating electric current (A/C) or direct electric current (D/C). The vast majority of electric arc furnaces use alternating current. Each of these furnaces typically uses nine electrodes (in three columns of three electrodes each) at one time. The other electric arc furnaces, which use direct current, typically use one column of three electrodes. The size of the electrodes varies depending on the size of the furnace, the size of the furnace’s electric transformer and the planned productivity of the furnace. In a typical furnace using alternating current and operating at a typical number of production cycles per day, one of the nine electrodes is fully consumed (requiring the addition of a new electrode), on average, every eight to ten operating hours. The actual rate of consumption and addition of electrodes for a particular furnace depends primarily on the efficiency and productivity of the furnace. Therefore, demand for graphite electrodes is directly related to the amount and efficiency of electric arc furnace steel production.